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David Inlander and Ronald Menna, Jr. Discuss Courtesy Copy Email Abuse and Offer Best Practices in Illinois Bar Journal and its Bench & Bar and Trial Briefs Newsletters

David Inlander and Ronald Menna, Jr. discuss a troubling trend regarding courtesy copy emails and provided solutions to stop the abuse in the June 2021 Illinois Bar Journal and the May 2021 issues of the ISBA’s Bench & Bar and Civil Practice & Procedure section council newsletters.

The article, “Ethical Practices in the Email Age: Courtesy Copy Emails to Judges,” addresses how the convenient and efficient use of email for filing and transmittal also presents drawbacks in professional conduct and civility. David and Ronald suggest best practices to limit the drawbacks including:

  1. Instructing attorneys to no longer include arguments or comments in an email to judges and/or clerks
  2. Asking Judges to admonish and potentially sanctioning attorneys who disregard this rule
  3. Seeking the Circuit Courts to adopt local rules regulating this behavior

Read the full article here.

David is an accomplished family law attorney with a focus on high-end complex matrimonial mediation. As one of Chicago’s most sought-after mediators, he regularly guides challenging cases to equitable resolutions by drawing on his 45 years of experience as a leading litigator in both state and federal courts.

Ronald’s primary areas of practice include civil appeals, commercial litigation, guardianship and chancery actions. He has extensive trial experience in both State and Federal Courts and has successfully argued before the Illinois Appellate Court and the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

June 3, 2021 | News |