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Can you get a divorce during the shutdown? Family law matters during COVID-19

While it feels that everything has come to a halt in the wake of the global pandemic, many family law matters are in fact still moving forward.

Since the court system “closed” in mid-March, the domestic relations divisions of Cook and other counties have put systems in place to ensure key proceedings can still happen electronically, without anyone having to appear in court.

What can happen during the shutdown:

  • Divorce and paternity matters can be initiated
  • Motions regarding child support, parenting time, parental decisions and property settlements can still be filed
  • Mediations can take place via video conference
  • Future court dates can be scheduled
  • Orders of Protection can be filed and entered to protect individuals and families
  • Temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions can be filed and entered to protect assets
  • Agreed orders can be entered, ensuring agreements regarding child custody and financial issues are enforceable
  • Divorces can be finalized and final judgements entered
  • All issues regarding family law matters can be mediated and resulting agreements entered

With federal and state regulations changing quickly, it is important to stay in close contact with your family law attorney during this period.

Suzanne Glade​ 
Julie P. Brett
David W. Inlander​