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Suzanne Glade to Share Insights on Business Ownership and Divorce in a Private Vista Webinar

Suzanne Glade will discuss privately owned businesses as a marital asset in divorce in a webinar hosted by Private Vista on Wednesday, June 30 at 12 pm CT.

As part of the monthly series Project Venus Divorce Resource: You Have Questions, We Have Answers, Suzanne will join Private Vista Lead Advisors and Partners, Mary Beth McLean and Nicole Romito as well as Marketing Leader, Inspirational Speaker and Transformation Coach, Andrea Javor to discuss how:

  • Businesses are valued in divorce
  • Cash flow is calculated for maintenance and child support
  • Personal expenses paid through the business are addressed
  • Other complexities may arise and how they are handled

Register for the free event here.

Suzanne is a family law attorney who helps clients navigate complex financial and custody matters. Her litigation and mediation background allow her to fiercely advocate for clients in the courtroom, as well as work collaboratively to provide multiple options for resolving disputes.

The series “Project Venus Divorce Resource” grants attendees access to a rotating panel of professionals who will answer questions regarding the legal, financial and emotional issues related to divorce.

June 15, 2021 | Business Law |