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Deborah Soehlig to present at the 2019 ISBA Allerton Conference

Deborah Soehlig will be representing Fischel | Kahn at the ISBA Allerton Conference this weekend, alongside Conference Chair Ron Menna.  Her presentation will focus on whether Illinois should remain in the minority of states in its narrow extension of the attorney-client privilege to only decision makers and top management or join the majority position that extends the protection to anyone with whom the attorney communicated for the purpose of giving legal advice. Recommendations from Allerton are then forwarded to the Illinois Supreme Court for action.

May 1, 2019 | General |

Ronald D. Menna Jr. to lead the prestigious biennial ISBA Allerton Conference

Ronald D. Menna Jr., Vice-Chair of the ISBA Civil Practice and Procedure Section Council, has been selected to lead ISBA’s invitation-only biennial Allerton Conference this spring. The Allerton conference calls together selected lawyers, judges and law school professors from around the state to discuss problems and seek improvements in various elements of the court system.

February 18, 2019 | General |